The Crime Report: Inside the Shadow World of Internet Prostitution

I was interviewed by The Crime Report, a national website about crime trends published by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

"Class played a part. When most people think of a Craigslist escort they don’t think of someone whose story is going to be followed on CNN day after day or week after week. It became a widespread assumption among people covering the case that if the victims had been a little richer (and) more educated, their disappearances would have been all over the media before they even became part of a serial killer case. Instead they were stigmatized; and that stigma made it harder for a lot of people to take their disappearances seriously.

"My goal here was to take an unflinching look at all these women’s lives and to try to be non-judgmental and present things at face value. These are people who are written off and still widely blamed for being murdered. It’s quite astonishing. You can blame them for putting themselves in harm’s way; but you should also blame their drivers or pimps or johns, [who] don’t seem to get the blame the way these women do."