Year-end praise

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to express gratitude for all the praise Lost Girls has received, and to note a few new places beyond the New York Times and Publisher's Weekly where the book has gained attention. Thanks to all.

• Jacquelyn Mitchard, the Oprah-celebrated author of The Deep End of the Ocean, was kind enough to recommend Lost Girls to readers of the Miami Herald.

• Reporter Stephanie Mencimer singled out Lost Girls as one of the year's best books in Mother Jones.

• In Canada's National Post, Lost Girls made critic Philip Marchand's list of favorite (er, favourite) books of 2013.  

• Also in Canada, Lost Girls made the Globe & Mail's list of the year's best books: "Kolker’s investigation into a still-at-large serial killer on New York State’s Long Island is a riveting piece of true crime writing. But more than that, it’s an indictment of a society that turns its back on women in danger."

• Columnist Diane LaRue of the Auburn Citizen was also kind enough to mention Lost Girls in her year-end list of "most compelling" books.

Garth Risk Hallberg, writing in The Millions, called Lost Girls one of the "great works of narrative journalism" he read in 2013, noting how the author's "patient unfolding of his story gives the reader room to become outraged."